Football: young people also at a standstill? Answer at the beginning of the week!


The ACFF Crisis Committee will meet early in the week to make a decision.


A few days ago the ACFF decided to maintain the practice of youth football until U16. The Association des Clubs Francophones de Football wanted children to be able to continue playing sport. However, the closure of the refreshment stands and the prohibition of access to the changing rooms make the task much more complicated. And the measures taken yesterday afternoon by the consultation committee do not suggest the slightest clarification.

ACFF is not insensitive to the situation. This Saturday morning, its president, David Delferière, decided to go out on the field himself in order to get a clearer picture of the situation. “Parents and children seem very happy, but it must be said that the fields are not yet muddy and it wasn’t raining. As for the changing rooms, we submitted a request for a protocol to the minister last week, but with the decisions announced yesterday, we have to see if it is still valid. For the clubs, we know that this is a problem. But on the other hand, several leaders fear they will have to pay back dues if they stop,” he explains.

Opinions are divided, but a decision will have to be made. “They were divided at the board of directors, they are also divided in the provincial committees, among the parents, among the leaders. ACFF’s crisis committee will meet on Monday. Whatever decision is made, there will be pros and cons. Let the weekend go by and then we’ll see.”

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