What is the most invincible duo in the history of the Blues?

Back in blue after 16 long months of absence, Paul Pogba made a remarkable comeback on Sunday. While Didier Deschamps’ men generally appeared on the inside, the Manchester United midfielder was one of the sharpest, especially in the second half, where his initiatives were most often rewarding if not decisive.

One match was therefore enough for the former Turin native to recall how precious he could be, all the more so when he is associated with N’Golo Kanté. Indeed, the two midfield colleagues have a statistic that speaks for itself: the French team never lost when the two men were drawn together. In 25 matches with the Kanté-Pogba tandem, Les Bleus have 19 wins and 6 draws.

The balance sheet of the two players is impressive but their tandem is still far from being the most invincible association in the French team. Three duets do indeed do better, all of them among the 1998 world champions. The pairs Zinédine Zidane-Laurent Blanc (36 victories-7 draws) and Bixente Lizarazu-Didier Deschamps (34 victories-9 draws) each have 43 matches in the French team without the slightest defeat. Bixente Lizarazu-Laurent Blanc followed with 40 matches without defeat.


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